Hello Hello! Welcome to StylesbySavitraYvette.  I’m Savitra Yvette. I am a Personal Stylist/Image Consultant as well as a CERTIFIED LIFESTYLE BLOGGER. My primary purpose as a stylist is to enhance the appearance of clients in a fashionable and professional manner that enhances the image and self-confidence of others. Though customer satisfaction is my priority, my mission is to educate each individual that I assist in making the right clothing choices.

 “My job is to assist you in making the right clothing selections that not only fit your style but, your attitude and personality, because when you look good you feel even better. I want you to learn how to make shopping fun and exciting. My love for fashion isn’t about labels, but enhancing the self-esteem in others, so that how they feel and what they wear are in unison.”

Aside from being a personal stylist, as I mentioned earlier, I am a certified lifestyle blogger with interest in food, travel, entrepreneurship, and anything that deals with inspiration and motivating others. Life is really what you make it and it is up to us to ensure that we are living the “BEST VERSIONS OF OUR LIVES.” My blog was created to ignite the creativity that dwells in each of us in hopes that it transpires into something MORE!

I welcome all comments and if you are interested in adding flavor to your wardrobe,  contact me by clicking on the contact page and complete the form if not just enjoy the BLOG! WELCOME!

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