I Am Insecure


Photo from Vice.com


I was excited about this post on last week, but life happened and here we are today on a Monday, but better late than never right? I’m not a huge fan of watching television (because I never have time), but within the last year I have become addicted to a show that in my opinion closely relates to my life. The show you ask….. “Insecure” which preimers every Sunday at 10:35pm on HBO. Issa Rae is a genius from her youtube videos entitled “Awkward Black Girl” to her debut on the HBO network. Her storylines are relatable attracting millions of viewers.

Issa’s dating life is similar to mine “non-existent.” I can’t say that I’ve had a “Hoetation,” but I can definitely relate to the lames that she seems to run into..lol. From her random conversations in the mirror with herself to the random rap lyrics she spits. I’m too familiar with these actions, in the comfort of my own home. About three weeks, ago my ex texted me after an episode of “Insecure” to tell me that she reminds him of me. Coming from my ex, I’m not entirely sure if that was a compliment or insult, but hey, I am completely aware of my random weirdness.

I love the relationship that Issa has with her friend Molly, who is so clueless on why she can’t get yet alone keep a man. She ends up in the most awkward situations, somethings worst than Issa, but their convos are real. Guys, this is what women talk about when your not around…lol. In my mind I’m always hoping that she and Lawerence would get back together, even though she was wrong, but I mean she made a mistake..lol.

Whenever I watch this show, I can name at least three things I connect with, it’s like she knows the life of a single, black, middle class woman, just trying to find her way while f***ing it up along the way.  The only difference between me and Issa is she has a full rotation of man options but my well runs dry. Her ex-boo Daniel, he’s a cutie  😉  I’m a sucker for men with beards!!!

We are all Insecure in some parts of our lives and she definitely brings out those areas in my life. I know you were probabaly thinking this would be another fashion blog……but surprise you’re wrong:) Don’t get me wrong the fashion is this series is dope, but the the storyline is MORE DOPE (can I say that)?



Mark my word, I will appear in one episode on her show, thats he goal.



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