Show A “Lil” Leg….

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again ” I AM THE ROMPER QUEEN.” I  have no idea when this obsession started but I’m in too deep. So of course I logged onto my favorite shopping site ( to see what they had. After about 45 mins and 6 items in my cart, I came across what seemed to be a long dress with a front split and some shorts. I was intrigued and to my surprise it was a romper!!! JACKPOT! After a quick 10 second decision, I removed the previous six items out of my cart to make room for the beautiful romper I’d just found.

Two perfect Amazon Prime days later my order had arrived. I unwrapped my package and with great anticipation, proceeded to try on this new outfit. I thought I was in love when I saw it online, once I tried it on, I was mesmerized. But enough about my story let’s take a look at the romper!




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