Wait…..T.J. Maxx!

If you ask anyone that I know. Thy well tell you that I am not a fan of two stores in particular: Target and TJ Maxx. I never find the “deals” that people always rave about. This all changed on last Thursday, when I made a last minute decision to look for a jumpsuit. One thing you must understand about me: ‘I AM THE JUMPSUIT QUEEN” (especially a jumpsuit with pockets). So, I decided to venture to TJ Maxx on my lunch break, as I’m looking around at all the items I would not bye, I found this lovely floral print print jumpsuit, in my size. Let’s just say that outfit came home with me. Most of my jumpsuits have been $30.00 but I paid $24.99 for it. It fits perfectly, it has pockets and I am in love with it. But enough talking, let me show you my new boo!!



4 thoughts on “Wait…..T.J. Maxx!

  1. Yes! Finally someone else that appreciates TJ Maxx as much as I do! There are so many great finds there, and they’re usually high end designers. You have a wonderful writing style. Just stumbled upon your blog today and I’m in love. Great post, liked and subscribed.
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    Have a good day!


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