My Frustration With Shoes


I’m sure you’re probably wondering what the above picture has to do with my shoe frustration….well let me tell you. This my friends, is the ideal collection for black shoes. Recently, I’ve noticed that I’m always struggling in the “Black shoes” department.

For instance I was headed to an event a few weeks ago and I really wasn’t in the mood to wear heels. I wanted a nice black booty with a block heel or a nice pair of ankle boots with a block heel. I had ankle boots, but they were brown. I had boots, but they were peep-toe and had a skinny heel…….Sigh (the struggle). I know you’re thinking why didn’t she just change her outfit, I had no Trust me, that would have definitely been an option.

Action Plan: To prevent this reocurring annoyance, I have decided to buy several different styles of black shoes that are verstaile with various outfits. I know you are thinking this will be expensive, but it won’t. Amazon Prime is my best friend and they have some of the most amazing shoes online. I have a system that has yet to let me down (I’ll do a post on this later.) I’ll be sure to post my collection of black shoes as they arrive!.

What are your frustrations with shoes?



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